Five Things

Friday Five – Drowned Cat

1. Work

So I didn’t get a new boss… but I did get a new boss’s boss’s boss (or something like that). On Thursday TPTB announced that they’ve hired a new head for my division and President for my division. The new head, Paul Whose-Surname-I-Never-Heard, comes from Fandango and the new President, Mark Larkin, is someone who was previously a VP at CNET when we were part of CBSi but left the company to “pursue other interests” and is now back. This seems like a good thing because at least Mark has worked with CNET in the past and understands how the site works. He groks ads (what I do) and will hopefully make good choices about the stuff that accounts for 60% of our revenue (as opposed to other leadership who just ignored it). I can only hope.

Early this week I pushed the MIT “Approvals” feature to prod. It went off without a hitch. Since then I’ve been working on the “fast-follow” tweaks for the stakeholders. Four of the fast-follows were tweaks. One looks like a full-fledged feature. That feature will require a lot more work and probably a full fledged design doc. Busy is good, right?

2. Home/Family

Erik seems to have caught my cold. This morning he complained of a sore throat and was sniffly. We had planned to go to the zoo this weekend but that may be canceled if Erik is sick.

Halloween is Tuesday. Hopefully Erik and I will be well by then. Our plan is to run off to Finly’s neighborhood. It’s cheek-to-jowl houses that all decorate for Halloween. It’s a nice walk in a nice neighborhood to gather candy.

Fearghus has been working to fix a leak in the Airstream. It seems like we had a leak by the fan in the roof. He did a lot of research on it and finally used some self-leveling caulk (which is recommended by the Airstream seller). Hopefully that will be all there is to that. This next week I need to be sure we’re outfitted for our first run in the Airstream. We’ll head out on Friday after Erik gets out of school.

I also need to finalize plans for Erik’s birthday. We had planned to go to an indoor swimming center up in Charlotte.. but a few days ago that place announced they’re closed for repairs for the next 4 months. Damned inconvenient. The other indoor swimming place is $125 per person/day.. so yeah, that’s not happening. Instead we’re going to go to a bounce place.. somewhere.

3. Health

On Friday at War of the Wings it squalled (0 to drowning in rain in 60 seconds) I got soaking wet.. and made a bad decision and didn’t change out of the wet clothes before night time. To be fair I really didn’t have anything to change into. I got very chilled and consequently have spent this week playing the “Is it a cold or is it Covid?” game. I believe it’s a cold. Sore throat, runny nose, and my right ear is stopped up. Very annoying.. but not the ‘vid.

My thumb surgery which was supposed to happen on Thursday has been delayed until November 16. The Ortho doctor had a family emergency and rescheduled.

I also received a note from MUSC (the medical est. for my PCP, Ortho doc and the local hospital). They’re fighting with Cigna (my insurance) and the contract ends on November 30. So all of MUSC will become out-of-network starting on November 30. That’s a bunch of bullshit.

The thumb surgery should be good assuming it doesn’t get delayed anymore. The Bariatric surgery is with Novant.. so that should be good too. The hip is another story. I’m trying to get the Ortho doc to commit to the surgery before the deadline but I’m not sure it’s going to happen. If that’s the case then I’d need to start all over with another Ortho doctor. Bunch of f*king bullshit.

4. SCA/Projects

I don’t have enough clothes. When I got wet at WoW from the squall I didn’t change because the only thing I had with me was the outfit I planned to wear on Saturday.. and I didn’t want to run the risk of getting that wet as well. So instead I sat around in damp clothes for half the day and into the very cold night. I need to fix that.. but with bariatric surgery in the near future I really can’t. Meh.
I have enough clothes for a weekend but not for longer. I suppose I should just be satisfied that I don’t plan to attend another long event until Pennsic.

My right ear’s stopped up. Everything on the right side is muffled. It doesn’t even hurt. It’s just very annoying. Meh.

Nov 3-5 Atlantian Crown (we’re camping in our Airstream trailer)
Nov 6 Another Ortho follow-up about hip.
Nov 16 Surgery on my thumb
Nov 14-29 Parent’s visiting
Nov 22-26 Brother and sister-in-law visiting
Nov 23 Thanksgiving
Dec 5 Bariatric surgery