Five Things

Friday Five – Roadtrip

1. Work

This week we reviewed all of the projects for all of the teams on the TODO list for Q1. My team is tangentially included in three of the projects but not directly involved with any of them. This means I’ll need to re-asses my backburner projects to come up with projects for myself and my direct report. Meh. I should get paid more for this shit.

I started writing up the design doc for the tweak/feature the stakeholders asked me to do. When I brought up the questions I had at a meeting the stakeholder’s boss decided that this feature wasn’t worth our time so I guess I won’t be working on that. *shrug*

2. Home/Family

Fearghus is a rockstar. He went out earlier this week and tamed the weeds around our house. It actually looks like adults live here.
Erik’s turning 10 on the 19th. We’re going to have a party at a local trampoline park on the 18th. I still need to buy the cupcake-cake and must remember candles and some way to light candles (it’s only his 10th birthday.. I guess eventually I’ll have all the details figured out).

3. Health

I still have a cold. I’m at the “cough the gunk out” stage. This is annoying and I want to be back to “normal” already. Meh.

My thumb surgery is scheduled for next Thursday November 16 to “excise unknown masses”.

I had another follow-up with the Ortho surgeon again about my hip. He agrees the hip is FUBAR and the next step is to replace the hip BUT he wants me to drop weight to improve my outcome (this seems to have a whiff of “if it goes bad and I have to explain my actions I don’t want ‘your patient was too fat, why did you do the surgery’ to come up in the inquiry”. Meh). MUSC (where my Ortho Dr’s office is) will not accept Cigna after the 30th. It turns out my ortho Dr is the ONLY ortho surgeon in the county. Ortho Dr is concerned. Scheduling surgery in the next 25 days is not really doable.. but even if it was doable it would leave me without post-surgery after-care. Add to that he’s still concerned about my weight. So the plan is I’m going to do the bariatric surgery in early December and limp the hip along (har har) for another 4 months. By then I should have dropped “enough” weight to be less concerning for surgery. So no surgery this year.. check back in 4 months, in the meantime I have applied for a handicap placard (which I HATE needing.. but acknowledge it’s a thing). In 4 months either MUSC will again accept Cigna.. or I’ll get a referral to another doctor who does accept Cigna. I don’t love the update.. but I’m not entirely surprised.

4. SCA/Projects

Nothing is on my todo list SCA-wise until West Kingdom 12th night in January. That will be 1 month post-bariatric surgery.. so I have NO idea what will even fit. I do need to figure out something regardless.


Because of my cold Fearghus went alone to Atlantian Crown. While at Crown our big truck started having a “check engine” light and complained about “low fuel pressure”. This turned out to be a problem with the low pressure fuel pump. Luckily this was covered by our extended warranty. So now, a week later, the truck is fixed and we’re headed up to Virginia (5.5 hrs away) to pick up the truck. Not how I wanted to spend my weekend.. but at least we’re getting a working truck back. Luckily Erik is going to go do a sleep over with the Mohrmann’s. This will make him happier.

Nov 16 Surgery on my thumb
Nov 14-29 Parent’s visiting
Nov 22-26 Brother and sister-in-law visiting
Nov 23 Thanksgiving
Nov 24 Touring the Biltmore House
Dec 5 Bariatric surgery (PTO until the 15th)
Dec 24 Christmas
Jan 3-9 in California for West Kingdom 12th Night