The Journey

Keto Month 1

Feb 20-March Month 1 on #keto (low carb, high fat). Down 14.1 lbs.

This month I had two incidents of “cheating”. At Golden River’s Championship I had a piece of baklava (worth it) and at Liam’s birthday party I had a piece of butter cream cake(not worth it, the sugar actually made me queasy). Other than that I’ve eliminated all white carbs (flour, sugar) and concentrated on getting carbs from vegetables. Following keto has really eliminated my in-between-meal nibbling. I’m not finding myself as hungry (and snack seeking) as I have in the past. That said, sans-food I find myself lacking coping mechanisms for stress (and this month I have plenty). I’m finding myself feeling more stressed out than normal with no habits built up to address this. I’m working on focus and calming techniques.