The Journey

Keto Month 6

August, Month 6 on Keto (low carb, high fat) Down 50.9 lbs (6.4 lbs this month).

This month I had a bit of a health scare. Early in the month 8/2, 8/4 and 8/8 I had incidents of hypoglycemia (very low blood sugar).

The first incident was kind of out of the blue (and I didn’t know what was happening) at about 4pm I was sitting on the recliner and started feeling weird/shakey/hot I’d had lunch earlier in the day so I’m unsure what might have triggered it.

The second incident could have been because I’ve been skipping breakfast and my body was DONE with that. It was in the AM and I was just finishing a cup of coffee when it started. About 3-5 mins after the 2nd incident my blood sugar tested at 67 (below 70 is v. concerning).

I have no explanation for the third incident. I had breakfast (egg, cheese, butter) and was just finishing a cup of coffee with sweet-n-low when the symptoms started. Symptoms are feeling nervous, feeling like it’s WAY too hot in the room, sweating, shaking. Right as it started I took my blood sugar and it was 38.

I immediately setup a visit with a doctor and we discussed it. The doctor got me setup with my own blood test kit and I’ve been testing it every morning. Initially I added breakfast back into my mornings. Lately I’ve only added breakfast if I’m hungry or if my morning blood sugars are below 85.

When the incidents happened I ATE ALL THE THINGS including lots of pickles, buttered bread with jam and an emergency candy bar we had in the freezer. This significantly slowed down my weight loss this month.

At this point I think I have the hypoglycemia in hand and have gotten back on track with weight loss.

I did also have one incident of “cheating” this month. While visiting Santa Rosa 8/18 for the meet-n-beat I went out with friends and had a non-keto tostada from a street vendor and a vanilla stout from a local bar.

This month I am finally below my lowest EVER adult recorded weight. I’ve been recording my weight nearly daily since mid-2010. I’m looking to see if I can find any other weight records before that time period, but not a lot of luck so far. The only other benchmarks I have is that I wore a size 18 when I was in college for the first time.. and I wore a size 13 when I was 13. I guess I’ll use those for my next benchmarks.

I tried to pull pictures from the past.. to add to my weight loss journey. My “highest weight ever” pictures are either “look I’m a new mommy and stunningly happy” or “look, it’s my wedding day and stunningly happy”. Yes.. I was at my highest weight at both places.. but I was stunningly happy so.. grump. I refuse to use a picture of me in my wedding dress as an example of “look how fat I was”. Meh.

This month I lost 1.5 inches off my waist, 0.3 inches off my neck, and .25 inches off my calf.

I also went down both a band size and a cup size and finally caved and bought a new bra.

Feb. 2, 2017
August 17, 2017