The Journey

Keto Month 7

September, Month 7 on Keto (low carb, high fat) Down 53.3 lbs (2.4 lbs this month).

Bit of a waffle this month. I haven’t fallen off the wagon so much as hopped down walking around kicking the tires. With last month’s hypoglycemia scare I’ve spent quite a while digging into the why of #keto. Why does it work, what exactly is going on, why did I have such low blood sugar? What am I doing that can hurt myself and how can I work around it.

Early in the month my parents came to stay with us for two weeks(9/5-9/18). We fed them a keto lifestyle and my parents (upon returning home) reported that they had both lost weight and plan to continue with a lower carb lifestyle. At the same time, because of the hypoglycemia scare I was adding breakfast back into my meals, raised my calorie level and ate out a few times. This all had an impact.

Something that’s had me concerned for a while is that my calories per day had dropped down to barely 1,000 per day. I have always believe that hunger was your body’s way of signalling you that it needed more calories. So when I wasn’t hungry.. I figured my body was doing fine. I think I’ve decided that’s a bunch of bull. The literature seems in agreement that it’s possible to push your calories too low which will then slow your metabolism and potentially harm yourself long term. So afer mulling this over for a bit I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that although eating protein+fat is tamping down my appetite I think I need to keep my calories up a bit. To that end, while my parents where here I wasn’t as strict with my calories and since then I’ve been trying to keep my calories at “maintenance level”. Sadly there’s a lot of disagreement about where exactly my maintenance level would be. I think I’ve finally got it dialed in. The calculator at (once I figured out a good body fat %) seems to be on target.

Next week is Great Western War.. and keeping keto/tracking is going to be hard without trying to do something special with my calories. So I plan to coast through next week and pick up after that probably by dropping down to a “losing weight” calorie level.

This month I lost 0.75 inches off my waist, 1 inch off my hips, and 0.25 inches off my calf.

I am now in a size 24 pants. I started out at 28 and seem to have completely skipped 26. I’m ok with that.

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