The Journey

Keto Month 8

October, Month 8 on Keto (low carb, high fat) Down 52.9 lbs (gained 0.4 lbs this month).

On paper this reads as a gain. Reviewing the month I actually lost 8 lbs.. it’s just it was the 8 that I gained the first week of the month. Great Western War was a lot of fun and I did not practice good self-control. There was alcohol, a lot of coffee with creamer, cookies and some fairly fast-and-loose choices for meal plan. Technically it was all mostly keto.. but not all of it.. and not in limited-enough portions.

But anyway. I gained 8 lbs. Then I lost 8 lbs. Putting me pretty much where I was when I started the month. I’ll take it. I’m having a very hard time going below 260. I’m not entirely sure it’s not a mental thing. Regardless, I’ll keep working at it.

This month I lost 0.5 inches off my hips, 0.5 inches off my upper thigh and 1 inch off my upper arm.

Feb. 2, 2017
Oct. 20, 2017